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Renewable Power Options from PGE

What is it?
PGE's renewable power options allow you to source 100% of your energy from renewable sources.

PGE offers a number of different renewable energy options including wind-sourced power and habitat restoration.

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How much does
it cost?
Switching to renewable energy is a lot less expensive than you might think.

Our average residential customer pays less than a penny more per kWh, or an extra $6 per month for 100% renewable energy.

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Want to be part of Oregon's energy future? Signing up couldn't be easier.

But wait, there's more! Renewable customers also have access to great deals from local green-powered businesses.

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Lower prices for renewable power

Starting January 1, the price for PGE’s green power options has lowered by about 30 percent.

Why the decrease? In recent months, the wholesale cost of renewable power has dropped, so PGE is passing the savings on to customers.




Green power all around us
Discover the location of solar, wind and other renewable projects

Discover the location of solar, wind and other renewable projects in the West.

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Climb a wind turbine
Climb a wind turbine

Come along as a PGE tech climbs 262 feet into the air, showing you the view from the top of a wind turbine.

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