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Source: 2015 data for Green Source and 2013 data for Basic Service mix plus one block of Clean Wind. Latest data available for Oregon System mix from Oregon Department of Energy Data for PGE System Mix may differ from Oregon Resource Mix; check for details. All percentages are approximate and may not add up to 100% due to rounding. “New” refers to power generated from facilities that became operational in the last 15 years. Environmental impact equivalency data comes from the latest U.S. EPA eGRID.

Customer Profile: City of Beaverton

City of Beaverton, under the direction of Mayor Doyle, became the first local government in PGE’s service territory to meet 100 percent of its electricity demands (including streetlighting, water pumping, electric vehicle charging and facility use) with clean, environmentally friendly renewable power. The city participates at the Platinum-level of PGE’s Clean WindSM program, the highest level possible.

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Why did the City of Beaverton decide to purchase renewable power?

As part of the community visioning process, Beaverton received input from more than 5,000 citizens. Residents asked the city to support green technologies and clean energy. Beaverton feels strongly that Clean Wind purchases do support sustainable technologies and, over time, help change the way that power is generated. The city is proud of contributing to a bright, sustainable energy future for Oregon and for the residents of Beaverton.

Additionally, Beaverton's Mayor-adopted operational sustainability strategy has 11 sustainability goals and 175 actions, including goal No. 4 specifically targeting green power: Increase the percentage of electricity from city operations coming from renewable energy sources to 75 percent from a 2009 baseline by 2020. Due to the current decrease in the cost of wind power, continued leadership of Beaverton city officials and specific citizen requests, the city reached its renewable energy goal in January 2014.

Beaverton is clearly leading by example and showing that support of renewable energy sources and diversification is important for energy security.

What are some of the City of Beaverton’s other “green” initiatives?

In 2010 and 2011, Beaverton received national recognition for its innovative Solar Beaverton Program, which saw more than 258 installations of solar on residential homes in the Beaverton area. The city also installed a 17.6 kW solar array on the Beaverton Main Library and worked with Energy Trust of Oregon to install a 433 kW solar system on the Sexton Mountain Reservoir, a critical city facility.    

This facility pumps water from the reservoir and is one of the city’s largest users of electricity. Oak Leaf LLC will use city-owned land and construct the solar array in exchange for a long -term agreement to purchase the generated electricity at a discounted rate. At the end of the 25 years, the city can remove the panels, buy them, or extend the agreement. 

In addition to these innovative solar initiatives, the city also has a robust internal program which tracks sustainability related projects throughout the city. Check out for a green project map and more information on their program.

Notable Awards and Milestones for Beaverton:

  • 2006 City signed US Mayors Climate Protection Award
  • 2007 City began purchasing renewable energy offsets and became a Green Power Community through EPA
  • 2008 Awarded Recycler of the Year by Oregon Association of Recyclers
  • 2009 Received $914,000 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants from US DOE . These funds went to solar on the library, streetlights, building retrofits and home weatherization loans
  • 2010 Operational and Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory was completed
  • 2010 Beaverton named Smarter City by Natural Resource Defense Council for its energy programs and achievements
  • 2011 City-wide Solar Beaverton program influenced 258 residential solar installations and revamped permit process for solar
  • 2011 $1 million HUD Grand Sustainable Communities Challenge
  • 2012 Wins prestigious 1st place for U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Award
  • 2012 EPAs Green Power Community of the Year Award
  • 2012 Largest solar installation to date by the City- Main Library 17.6 kW array
  • 2013 Mayor approves the Sustainable Beaverton Strategy that outlines 12 operation goals for the sustainability in the city. Goal 4 includes objectives for renewable energy
  • 2013 Efficiency efforts and renewables receive accolades from President Barrack Obama and the Department of Energy in conjunction with the Better Buildings Challenge work by the Sustainability Division
  • 2013 Approval for the construction of a 433 kW array on Solar on Sexton Mountain